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Welcome to

Hunting Haunts

Paranormal Investigators

Hunting Haunts is a paranormal investigation group based out of the Dayton-Springfield area in Ohio. We also have a group located in Maryland / Northern Virginia.

We seek the best sites out there and bring those experiences right here on this website to share with all of you.



We now have a blog page hosted by our member Mari Bushway. Check it out and let us know what you think!


We just redesigned our website as you can probably tell. Its still being worked on and is considered "under maintenance". We plan on being more proactive with the new site.

News Feed

A few things have happened since I last updated this site. I am now back in Ohio and will team up with the Ohio group. Mari Bushway has been given the responsibility for the Maryland group.


Ohio Group

Previous Investigation

Bobby Mackey's Music World
Wilder, Kentucky

Upcoming Investigation

Mansfield Prison
Mansfield, OH

Maryland Group

Previous Investigation


Upcoming Investigation

Moundsville Prison
Moundsville, WV

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